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What professional movers can’t move for you
May 11, 2020

What professional movers can’t move for you

When it comes to planning a home move, there are a few things you’ll have to think about in order to get ready and prepared for relocating. While it’s easy to focus on hiring professional movers, packing, and everything else involved in moving – what about the items movers can’t move for safety reasons?

It’s important to know what items moving companies aren’t able to move so when moving day approaches, you don’t find yourself scrambling to make last-second decisions on what to do.

Here are a list of some common items and object moving companies avoid moving for you.

Gasoline in engines or machines

If you’re planning on loading an item such as a lawn mower, grill, smoker, moped, or tractor, it’s important to make sure that all of the gasoline is completely emptied before moving day. For safety reasons, moving companies cannot transport anything in the moving truck that has gasoline in it.

Animals and plants

Once again falling under the category of safety precaution, anything that is living such as a plant or pet cannot be moved by our moving teams. Please make prior arrangements on how you’ll be transporting your plants or pets on moving day.

Medication and prescription drugs

Moving companies avoid the transportation of medication and prescription drugs in case there is an emergency where the customer might need access to something that has been packed away in a moving truck. Plan to put these in your personal bag and transport in your own vehicle.

Perishable food items

Anything that is fresh, frozen, or needs to be refrigerated is not allowed on our moving trucks to avoid spoiling or rotting during the move. We generally recommend customers plan meals out a few days in advance leading up to moving day so they have something to eat when arriving at their new home.

Sentimental or valuable items

We avoid moving any jewelry, cash, insurance papers, birth certificates, or anything else considered sentimental during the moving process. This prevents anything getting misplaced or damaged and saves you the stress of worrying about their transportation.

Flammable items

We will not move anything that falls under the following categories: propane, car batteries, antifreeze, household cleaners, ammunition, or weed killer. Due to federal law, we are prohibited from loading these items onto moving trucks.

For more information on what items we aren’t able to move during the moving process,contact your local TWO MEN AND A TRUCK location to ask them any questions you have about your move.