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De-clutter for move day with a garage sale
April 01, 2019

De-clutter for move day with a garage sale

The amount of stuff you have will increase the time, complexity and difficulty of your move. Removing items that are no longer needed or used can help save you time and money. Using a garage sale can help off set some of your costs too.

The data matters

Check if your neighborhood has an upcoming block sale. These larger sales will bring more people to your home. If not have our sale over the course of two days, Friday and Saturday typically have the best results, and be ready for customers early. 8 a.m. is usually a great time to start.

Price to sell

Don't expect to get $15 for your old jeans even in good condition. Your goal is to get stuff out of your home, not become a millionaire. Use whole dollar or fifty cent increments in order to keep your pricing simple and easy to understand.

Pick up some price tags from your local office supply or dollar store. Masking tape is a great price tag alternative.

Prepare for the weather

Cover your tables with tarps overnight to avoid the trouble of taking your set up down just to put it back together the next morning.

Don't forget to advertise

ost to Facebook on community garage sale pages in your area, or perhaps your town’s Facebook page shares these type of updates. Purchase an ad in your local paper- normally no more than $10- and include when, where, and a brief list of items your selling. Descriptions can be as simple as “women’s clothes, baby clothes and toys, antiques, furniture, tools.” If you choose to have a multi-family sale, be sure to mention this. Most importantly, put signs out near busy intersections and at the end of your street to help direct people. Use large letters and stick with simple wording such as “Garage Sale” followed by your address and directional arrow.

Donate what you don't sell

Pack up the items you are left with at the end of the weekend and donate them to a shelter or organization in your community.