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Expert downsizing tips to help you transition to that next step in life
May 11, 2020

Expert downsizing tips to help you transition to that next step in life

Although it may seem easy, downsizing a home can come with a few obstacles during the process.

To best tackle a downsizing move, you’ll want to ensure you plan effectively ahead of time to eliminate a little stress and increase efficiency during the process.

We’ve put together a few of our best tips for handling a downsizing move so you can get started on the right foot!

Plan in advance

As with most moves, planning ahead will create a much less stressful moving experience and eliminate any last-minute scrambling before move day.

You’ll want to think about how your downsizing move is going to go, deciding room-by-room as to what will be going to your new home and what you’ll be parting ways with. This planning also includes scheduling a time frame for moving that fits your needs, hiring movers, packing, and more.

Complete tasks slowly

Building off the idea of planning ahead – it’s best to take this process in small steps so you don’t get overwhelmed while getting ready for your move.

Moving takes time and patience. Go through your home and take it on room-by-room so you can chip away at the process for weeks leading up to moving day.

Is this staying or going?

This is a question that will come up often during a downsizing move, and it’s a tough one. Go through your home and assess each item’s value and determine whether it makes sense to go with you to the new home. If there isn’t a need for it that you can think of right away, it might be time to move on.

Bringing an item you’re unsure about to your new home will just take up space, which can defeat the purpose of the downsizing move. A good question to ask yourself during this step of the process is “how much will I use this?” – if the answer is “not very often”, then toss it.

Another good idea to help you through this is determining whether something can be fixed or if it’s broken. If there’s no chance of it ever working again, it’s probably time to move on.

Remain flexible leading up to moving day

This goes for all moving types – not just downsizing. Moving and packing can be complicated; plans can suddenly change, there can be a difference in opinion, and some quick decisions will be required of you.

That’s why it’s important to stay flexible during this process. This will allow you to remain focused while you work to get your home ready for moving day. It will also eliminate stress and help you stay relaxed leading up to and through the duration of your move.

If you’re looking for help on your next downsizing move, TWO MEN AND A TRUCK is ready to help! Visit our website to learn more about how we can help move you forward and onto the next step in your life.